The Importance of Colon Cleansing

What is colon cleansing?

Colon cleansing is also known as colon therapy. It is a combination of alternative medical therapies that is used to remove toxins from the colon and intestinal tract. It is done by removing the accumulation of feces. Colon cleansing is also known as colon hydrotherapy and a colonic irrigation.

What does a colon cleanse do?

There are several forms of the therapy. Over the years, the walls of the large intestine get lined with some toxins harbored by putrefied feces. The colon secretes hormones that trap these toxins. Continuous presence of the toxins usually causes a plethora of health issues. As long as the toxins remain in your colon, you risk so many health issues.

Cleansing your colon is an effective way to get rid of both the toxins and the putrefied feces that harbor them and your colon will be clean. You will also be healthier. Flushing off the toxins creates more space in your colon and this makes absorption of food nutrients better and faster.

How does a colon cleanse work?

It could be through the use of some specialized drugs or kits and it could also be through the use of specially designed tubes to inject water and some herbs into the colon. It is done via the rectum.

Oxy-Powder® is a safe and effective colon cleanse product that harnesses the power of oxygen to gently cleanse and detoxify the entire digestive tract.There is also an oral cleansing method that uses what is known as laxatives, dietary supplements or dietary fiber. This therapy is necessary because putrefied feces accumulate and line the walls of the colon. The problem is not the presence of feces but the fact that the feces harbor pathogenic parasites and this leads to a lot of health issues.

There are several methods and drugs for colon cleansing. You can choose which method is most suitable for you.

How much is a colon cleanse?

This is a little difficult to tell as there are several colon cleansing methods. Different providers charge different amount for the therapy. There are a wide variety of colon cleansing drugs. The common colon cleansing products cost from $9.95 to about $46.95.

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