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Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse

Safe & Natural Colon Cleanser Colon Cleanse Customer Reviews 2,600+ Reviews

As arguably the best colon cleanse available, Oxy-Powder is a scientifically formulated, all natural oxygen colon cleanser that safely relieves the bloating, irritation and constipation associated with a toxic colon. By using Oxy-Powder you can safely and effectively melt away the compaction from your small intestine, large intestine, and colon. Oxy-Powder is the result of unparalleled research and development in ozone, superoxide and ozonide technology used to create a powerful oxygen based colon cleanser which slowly releases monatomic oxygen to the intestinal tract and body.

Understanding What A Colon Cleanse Is

What is a colon cleanse? In the simplest terms, a colon cleanse is the process of systematically unblocking your colon of a build-up of food, mucus, salt, excess vitamins and minerals, and collected waste. Colon cleansing was first known be put into practice in ancient Greece. Since then, research has unearthed a number of benefits of having and maintaining a healthy colon. The main purpose of a colon cleanse is to help all of your digestive organs function to the best of their ability. Cleansing the colon and relieving it of obstructions make normal bowel functions more possible and more comfortable.

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Customer Reviews

Best Colon Cleanse

Oxy-Powder® is a safe and effective colon cleanse product that harnesses the power of oxygen to gently cleanse and detoxify the entire digestive tract.Most people who experience a colon cleanse report a resurgence in energy and in overall health. Did you know your colon is home to countless numbers of bacteria – sometimes numbering in the billions – that make up approximately seventy percent of the dry weight of feces. After all, a healthy gut means a healthy body. That’s because your colon is the lengthiest part of your large intestine. It is attached on one end to your small intestine and on the other end to your rectum, which is where waste is eliminated from your body. Your colon is responsible for expelling feces from your system. Fecal matter is made up of water, bacteria, digested food, and unused nutrients.

One way to cleanse your colon is to schedule a visit with a medical practitioner. They can perform a colon irrigation. This is usually a one day colon cleanse procedure. While it is thorough, it is also invasive and can be painful. Typically, you lie on a table as a tube is inserted into your rectum. Numerous gallons of water are passed through the tube and the practitioner may provide an abdominal massage to help things get moving. You’ll retain the water for a period of time, finally releasing it on a standard commode.

An all natural colon cleanse you perform at home has the same benefit of clearing out your colon without the discomfort, embarrassment, and expense of a medical procedure. In addition, a colon cleanse at home is also a safe, nontoxic, noninvasive procedure. An at home colon cleanse may involve a colon cleanse drink, colon cleanse pills, or colon cleanse powder. Because it takes several days to complete, it is less intrusive on your daily life and eases the process of elimination considerably. A colon cleanse done by mouth is not only less invasive and less uncomfortable, it enhances the body’s normal process of elimination and detoxification. It can also restore your digestive process and improve the vitality of your entire body.


Learn About The Astonishing Power of All Natural Oxygen Colon Cleansing With Oxy-Powder!

5 Benefits Of A Natural Colon Cleanse

What is colon cleansing? Colon cleansing is a smart, practical way to improve the overall health and function of your gut. That, in turn, improves the health of your whole body. Since everything you consume goes into your gut first, and is then disseminated to the other organs and tissues in your body, it just makes sense that using colon cleanse products to keep your colon healthy will keep the rest of your body in good shape. Some colon cleansing foods and colon cleansing pills may help contribute to a healthy amount of colon cleanse weight loss. What is a good colon cleanse? It’s the one that works best for you. Maintaining good colon health is crucial for maintaining proper digestion. It’s also vital for ensuring that your body can pass waste products efficiently and in a timely fashion. What’s a good colon cleanse for? An occasional colon cleanse detox can help in the following ways:

  • Efficient Digestive System

    By detoxing your colon and allowing waste to pass through more effectively it can make your digestive system more effective.

  • Maintain Bowel Regularity

    It can make you less dependent on laxatives and over the counter stomach soothing products by maintaining bowel regularity and preventing constipation.

  • Increase Energy Level

    It can increase your energy level by releasing dangerous, built up toxins and undigested food. You’ll experience better blood circulation, feel lighter, and you may even shed a few pounds.

  • Improve Concentration

    It can improve concentration by helping you feel more alert and attentive.

  • Reduce Risk of Cancer

    Some studies indicate that a colon cleanse may reduce your risk of developing colon cancer. By improving the process of elimination, your body is better able to ward off polyps and cysts.

Keep reading for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the colon cleanse benefits you can expect like the timing, and necessity of an occasional or a regularly scheduled colon cleanse.

Do I Need A Colon Cleanse?

The short answer is yes! This is a very important treatment that should be implemented in your health regime. A colonic cleanse has many benefits you should be aware of. Unless you’re a purely organic eater – and even then – much of what we consume today is laced with additives, preservatives, and other chemicals. In addition, food crops are sprayed with pesticides, fertilizers, and growth enhancers. So are many of the animals we consume on a daily basis, including beef, pork, fish, and chicken. Unfortunately, that plethora of toxins and foreign substances doesn’t completely leave our bodies through the normal process of elimination.

All the buildup your body holds on to is stored in your colon and can have long-lasting effects on your health. An unhealthy colon can cause your body to feel heavy, sluggish, and slow-moving. In extreme cases, it can even cause you to become lethargic and listless. It creates extra weight around your middle and creates additional backup as your colon struggles to function properly. A colon cleanse will help your colon relieve itself of this buildup of waste matter.

Best Colon Cleanse: Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse
Best Colon Cleanse: Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse

This beneficial procedure aids in digestion and can help eliminate occasional bouts of constipation. A colon cleanse is safer, less invasive, and more comfortable and reliable than an enema. It increases energy levels and improves concentration. It can also aid in weight loss by giving your body a clean slate to start with. Many colon cleanse reviews attribute an increase in weight loss as another benefit. You may also want to perform a colon cleanse if you are scheduled for certain medical procedures and imaging. Doing so will ensure a clearer picture of an unobstructed colon. If you’re considering a colon cleanse – and you should – keep reading for more information on how to do it correctly and why your whole body will benefit from it.

How Do I Do A Colon Cleanse?

Natural cleansesNow that you’ve decided to give your body the benefits and relief of a colon cleanse, you should know about how to cleanse your colon naturally, and the variety of homemade colon cleanse products and how to colon cleanse at home. You most likely have additional questions like, how does a colon cleanse work, how much is a colon cleanse, how to cleanse colon in the safest way, how to cleanse your colon without a doctor’s visit, how to do a colon cleanse safely, and what over the counter colon cleanse products will work best for you. Read the following passages carefully and thoroughly to make sure you do a colon cleanse at home safely and correctly.

A safe, careful, practical, gentle colon cleanse is one of the simplest, most basic steps you can take in cleansing and regulating your entire system. Your gut is the recipient of all the food and toxins you take in and it is where they are dumped when your kidney and livers use what they need and eliminate the rest. Once the kidneys and livers have done their job, they release excess bacteria and toxins into the bile. A colon cleanse is a smart way to relieve your body of this excess. Following these directions carefully will go a long way in ensuring that you receive the best colon cleanse outcome.

Start by paying attention to your diet. Try to include foods that cleanse the colon in your normal eating habits. Remember the old adage of garbage in, garbage out, and try to fuel your body with healthy food choices in the first place. Too many of us indulge in meals on the go. We also consume a lot of junk food, processed foods, and a largely meat based diet. Keep in mind that a healthy diet can help your body keep itself in the best shape. Also, make a point of drinking plenty of water. Again, we consume a lot of soft drinks and other overly sweetened or alcohol based beverages. You’ve probably already been told that establishing a safe, healthy exercise regime, and getting lots of rest every night are good tools to maintaining a healthy body and establishing a healthy lifestyle.

At the onset of the colon cleanse, take the full recommended initial dose of your chosen product with at least one full glass of water. It is best to do this on an empty stomach and as close to your normal bedtime as possible. Taking this first and largest dose at bedtime will give you plenty of time to rest. This will also give your body the time it needs to let the colon cleanse work its magic while you rest comfortably.

The following day should bring between three and five bowel movements. These bowel movements should occur naturally and not be forced or further aided along. You should feel some immediate relief as your body starts this thorough elimination process.

Continue with the recommended dosages each day for the next several days. You’ll consume a lot of water so consider adding the juice of fresh lemons to your water to make it more flavorful. The acidic content of the lemons will also help the cleansing process.

Continue with this dose for the next five days and you’ll soon feel less bloated, more energetic and will feel better overall. These are the basic steps to an oral colon cleanse, the best natural colon cleanse for your body. Because this is the best way to cleanse colon and gut, you will see and feel the results right away. Your stomach will feel less bloated, your skin will seem brighter and more taut, and your other organs will be able to function at a better pace and more efficiently.

How Does My Whole Body Benefit From A Colon Cleanse?

What does a colon cleanse do for whole-body health and rewards? Cleansing your colon may has a variety of short-term and long-term health benefits. In addition to jump starting weight loss, it relieves constipation, rids your body of a buildup of toxins, mucus, and other harmful elements, gives your energy levels a boost, and rids your colon of meats and other foods that were not fully and adequately digested upon consumption.

Because incomplete digestion can also lead to a buildup of mucus in your system, a top rated colon cleanse has the added advantage of relieving this mucus buildup and aiding in digestion. Constipation is an uncomfortable burden too many people bear. It leads to poor nutrition, can have an adverse effect on your appetite, has the potential to cause dehydration, and can also cause inflammation of the colon and gut and possibly a weakened immune system. Eliminating this trapped waste will bring on an almost instant feeling of relief.

Carrying extra weight and waste matter around will leave anyone feeling sluggish and out of sorts. Natural colon cleansing and safe, natural colon cleanse products will help you find fast relief. The best colon cleanse for weight loss is one that is practical and noninvasive. Colon cleanse products will allow your body to begin the process of properly absorbing nutrients and vitamins again. When you embark on a safe, top colon cleanse routine and follow it with a new lifestyle of healthy food choices, you’ll gain more energy in addition to all the other benefits listed so far. Absorbing and distributing nutrients in the most constructive and favorable manner is good for every human body. A good colon cleanse helps your body do exactly that.

How Often Should I Do A Colon Cleanse?

Human colon anatomyYou’ve already read about the benefits of doing a colon cleanse. You’ve also read about the benefits it offers to your whole body. Now, let’s discuss how often a colon cleanse should be performed. At a minimum, you should do one at least once each year. For optimal health, you should do one a maximum of once a quarter (four times each year).

A few factors go into making this decision. The first factor is your diet. What goes through your colon depends entirely on what goes into your mouth. Start by honestly evaluating your food lifestyle. A poor diet will necessitate more frequent use than a healthy, plant based diet will. No matter what your dietary choices are made up of, an annual colon cleanse remains a good idea.

As stated above, you may also want to consider a super colon cleanse before undergoing specific medical procedures such as a colonoscopy. If you plan on having certain types of medical scans or imaging, a colon cleanse can help provide a clearer image and, therefore, a more accurate diagnosis. Do your own research and select a quick colon cleanse with a super colon cleanse review. The top-rated colon cleanse will offer affordability and will be easy to do in the privacy of your home.

A colon cleanse is a less physically taxing, less invasive method of helping your body rid itself of excess weight and harmful bacteria than an in-office medical procedure. As you can see, a safe colon cleanse is a good idea for a myriad of reasons. By giving your body this fresh new jumpstart, you create a healthy environment for all your other organs as well. It is one of the best ways to make sure your digestive system is doing its job and your body is enjoying the best health possible.

Great Customer Reviews About Oxy-Powder!

“It is amazing it does everything it says it’s going to do”

Hi everyone today I’m here doing a product review of oxy powder from global healing center it’s a six-day colon cleanse. As you can see here I have two models I purchased the colon cleansing kit it comes with one bottle of oxy powder and one bottle of the probiotic also with these instructions that tells you all the supplies you’re going to need all the do’s and don’ts and what to expect while on the cleanse. I found this very helpful and super easy to follow. I would recommend this product to anyone that’s interested in doing the colon cleanse it is amazing it does everything it says it’s going to do. I’ll give this a 5 out of 5 also you can go to global healing centers YouTube channel check out all the great videos on there as well shout out to Dr. group. I purchased these products at happy cleansing.

“Helps to purge and detoxify garbage from the small intestine and colon”

Hi! I’m Dr. Group from here to answer some of your questions and today I’m answering one which I get asked all the time about our top selling supplement and that is: How exactly does Oxy-Powder work? Now Oxy-Powder is an oxygen based intestinal cleanser and for colon cleansing to work, you must dissolve any solid compaction you might have in your intestinal tract into a liquid or gas using time released oxygen. This is exactly what Oxy-Powder does. Oxy-Powder uses a controlled reaction to release pure monatomic oxygen (O1) straight into the bowels basically a single oxygen atoms is bonded to a magnesium compound the hydrochloric acid in your stomach and the positively charged toxins in the bowel releases these oxygen bonds pumping enough oxygen into your bowels to literally burrow through or neutralize the toxic sludge and contaminated mucous caked on the sides of your intestines the vital oxygen provided helps to purge and detoxify garbage from the small intestine and colon and also serves as a excellent remedy for constipation and IBS as we proved in human clinical trials that were done on Oxy-Powder. There’s no healing element on the planet better and safer than oxygen and I congratulate you on your decision to start cleansing and wish you the best of health.

“My health actually was improving my energy levels were increasing”

I personally use Oxy-Powder when you take these capsules you’re going to go to the bathroom alright. This is magnesium basically it has a laxative effect and that’s basically what it’s going to do is going to give you bowel movement and the whole purpose of it is supposed to get rid of anything that’s in your colon and so again it’s more of a fix because you can do this but if you don’t change your diet you’re not you’re going to end up at the same. So the same spot where you started so again I use this that’s a way to speed up the process but again I’ve changed a lot of my diet. I’ve increased my liquid intake and so from from that standpoint this was very helpful. I did notice a significant improvement I don’t know how much I had in my colon but I can tell you I started this about a year ago and for the first I don’t know when I first started all of this….I was losing about a pound a day and so a lot of people were like oh that’s kind of fun healthy and like well I don’t know I felt great. My health actually was improving my energy levels were increasing and so I actually do recommend this to a lot of people.

“I just started this two weeks ago I lost 10 pounds”

I look like a couple years ago with the products he helped us develop and it just gets better and better. Well they finally convince me to a couple nights a week do a detox and start taking Oxy-Powder. That he’s the world leader in this there’s a few knockoffs out there but he’s the progenitor of it. It says it’s his main global line oxygen-based intestinal cleanser and it is literally oxygen tablets. He’s going to break down how it works that go into the intestines you take these at night. It goes through the stomach into the intestines and boy let me tell you you want something that cleans you out. You want to me personally I just started this two weeks ago I lost 10 pounds. My belly went down because it wasn’t fat folks it was my gut. I’m not going to get into details here but life-changing and I’m gonna go from taking it two or three nights a week to seven nights a week.

“I’ve been so impressed with the results”

Oh right well fantastic. I’m so glad you click that and I want to address Oxy-Powder and kind of give like a final review thing here because hey it’s been it’s been a couple weeks since I finished it. And this is a video I thought maybe I was going to make I didn’t know if I was gonna be too lazy to make it we’re gonna go ahead and make it. Give some final thoughts on that journey having you know gone through it a couple weeks ago feeling you know the effects after before. During all that kind of stuff was incredibly impressed with Oxy-Powder experience the part of it that I hated that you can still see I’ve got all the days on there. The day six was terrible but that was really the big perch day. I’ve been so impressed with the results. How it feels afterwards it just flushed my intestines out the vitamins and things that I take biotin you know folic acid everything. Everything that I take I just it the effects of the body or just phenomenal because you just don’t have all that backup feel lighter.

Learn About The Astonishing Power of All Natural Oxygen Colon Cleansing With Oxy-Powder!