What Are Prebiotics?

Probiotics have long been hailed as the ultimate support for the immune and digestive systems, and there is no doubt of their ability to promote and maintain a healthy gut. However, despite their fame, a little-known truth is that probiotics would be of little effect without their less-celebrated partner: prebiotics, or prebiotic fiber to be exact. Here we’ll discuss what is prebiotic fiber, how it helps probiotics, and why you need to include it as part of your diet.

What Is Prebiotic Fiber?

Although the term “prebiotic” is fairly new (coined in 1995), prebiotics themselves are nothing new.[1]Prebiotics are an indigestible form of fiber found in some (but not all) fruits, vegetables, and starches. They act as a food source for the friendly bacteria in the gut. It is important to note that though every prebiotic is a fiber, not every fiber is a prebiotic. To be considered “prebiotic” in nature, a fiber must meet the following criteria:[2]


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